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Display Items In a Smaller Manner

Wall shelves are a great way to dress up any wall in your home. These are great decorative additions to any bedroom and can be used throughout the rest of the house, or even used as a fun project to do together. Here, we’ve gathered some of our favourite wall shelves decor ideas for kids’ rooms.

Popular Styles

These whimsical, stylish wall shelves are changeable from a sturdy metal bar, with an eye-catching swing-type design. The playful “jingle bells” design is a favourite among parents because it allows them to swing their children’s toys onto it. This is a wonderful storage solution because the shelves can be moved out of the way when not in use so that the kids have room to play with all of their toys and accessories. The swing style is great for children to climb on and climb off of, as well. The durable metal makes this particular set of shelves great for storage, as well as visual interest!

As anyone looking for modern wall shelves ideas will know, the popular trend is to make the most of all the space with the least amount of clutter. That’s one reason why so many people are opting for multi-purpose items that double as more than one use. If a person were to purchase a series of different bookshelves that all had their unique purposes – a shelf, a bookcase and a mirror – then the individual could use the bookshelf as a bookshelf, the bookcase as a coffee table item, and the mirror as a wall shelf. All of these items would provide a great deal of practical and visual interest for anyone looking to dress up their home.

Buying Shelves

If a person were to only buy wall shelves and leave out any other feature, they could take advantage of very big savings. The fact is that if a person only has a bookcase, then they are forced to place all of their books on the ground, which restricts their options. If they buy a multi-purpose bookcase, they can stack all of their books on top of one another, providing them with even more storage space. Anyone looking for some creative visual interest can choose from many different bookcase styles.

wall shelves

Bookcases are a great addition to any library or reading area, and there are some lovely choices on the market today. Many feature beautiful antique bookshelves that look like they’ve been lifted right out of a bygone era. Others are contemporary in design, featuring clean lines and modern glass or stone materials. Anyone looking for wall shelves ideas for kids will find a multi-purpose bookcase a perfect addition to any kid’s room.

Other Options

Another popular wall shelves choice for kids’ rooms is rustic wall shelves and pedestal combination. These units offer high levels of storage space as well as being beautiful additions to the home. Rustic wooden wall shelves and pedestal combinations can be purchased in many colours and sizes, allowing the family to personalize their kids’ rooms just as they would do for an adult’s room. The best part about this type of unit is that they often come with matching candle holders, so the child can enjoy scented candles while enjoying his or her new wall shelves.

Wall-mounted flat-wall shelves also offer a wide array of choices. Some feature contemporary designs with clean lines, while others feature more rustic designs. There are even a few wall shelves that are made with high-end materials, such as solid wood and glass. With a wall-mounted flat-wall shelf, nothing is blocking the view of the pictures on the top. So if a child wants to watch a movie, there isn’t any wall space that can be used for other display items, like books or playthings.

Decorating ideas are almost endless when it comes to wall-mounted shelves. Because these shelves come in such a wide variety of sizes and styles, you can easily find one that will fit perfectly with your decor. Smaller sized shelves are sometimes referred to as “minor shelves” by some manufacturers since they don’t have the same amount of space as the larger shelves. So regardless of whether your home is small or large, there are plenty of different types of shelves to choose from that will add a decorative touch to any room.

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