Covering Your Sliding Doors

Offering the chance to step straight out into the garden and the sun, sliding doors are a favourite with many. Still, some people find it’s a little tricky to find the best coverings for their doors. Ideally, you want flexible and easy to use coverings that also offer a good level of privacy when closed. Luckily, there are several great options to choose from.


Vertical blinds are an ideal cost effective solution for covering your sliding door, they come in a range of styles and prices and are a particularly fine choice if you’re renting your home or looking for a reasonably priced product.

When opened, verticals stack up neatly at the side of your doors, offering easy access and unobtrusive storage, and they are very easy to use. You can choose from chains or wands to quickly and efficiently open and close your blinds to let in as much light as you want and these blinds also offer high levels of privacy when closed.

Panel Glides

An attractive alternative to vertical blinds, panel glides offer a contemporary solution to the window and door covering. They’re perfect for sliding doors, thanks to their customisability – they can be manufactured to open from the left, right or centre to suit your doors and home design.

Panel blinds can easily be made to match your existing colour and fabric schemes, so they are very popular among those who take pride in their décor.

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